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January With the end-of-support of the Globus Toolkit, MyProxy is now maintained by the Grid Community Forum.
August OAuth for MyProxy version 3.4 is now available. See the changelogs for client and server.
September OAuth for MyProxy version 3.3 is now available.
January OAuth for MyProxy version 3.2.1 is now available, including support for OpenID Connect compatible with CILogon OIDC.
April MyProxy security software celebrates 15th anniversary.
October MyProxy 6.1 was released. This is the first MyProxy release from Globus Toolkit GitHub sources.
September Globus Toolkit 6.0 includes MyProxy 6.0.
June 27 OAuth for MyProxy passed a first principles vulnerability assessment.
July 23 MyProxy 5.9 was released.
June 21 MyProxy 5.8 was released.
June The 2001 paper "An Online Credential Repository For The Grid: Myproxy" by Jason Novotny, Steven Tuecke, and Von Welch has been selected as one of the best papers of the IEEE HPDC conference.
May 28 MyProxy 5.7 was released.
February 20 MyProxy 5.6 was released.
February 1 OAuth for MyProxy v1.0 was released, providing an OAuth-compliant REST web interface to the MyProxy service for issuing user certificates to science gateways.
November 15 Globus Online supports MyProxy OAuth.
September 5 MyProxy 5.5 was released.
April 22 MyProxy 5.4 was released.
March 30 MyProxy for jGlobus 2.0 is now available.
January 18 MyProxy 5.3 was released, addressing a myproxy-logon security issue.
June 22 MyProxy 5.2 was released.
April MyProxy celebrates tenth anniversary. See also: MyProxy: Ten Years of Security CyberInfrastructure
March 9 MyProxy 5.1 was released.
December 4 MyProxy 5.0 was released.
November 2 MyProxy 4.9 was released.
September 10 MyProxy 4.8 was released.
June 1 The CILogon project started.
May 6 MyProxy 4.7 was released.
March 25 MyProxy 4.6 was released.
February 23 MyProxy passes independent vulnerability assessment. See MyProxy Security for more information.
February 12 MyProxy 4.5 was released.
February 2 The host certificates for the and servers will be updated on Monday, February 2. The new host certificates will be signed by the new NCSA CA.

Most MyProxy users will not be affected by this change. However, users who manually installed the old NCSA CA certificate (4a6cd8b1.0) may need to manually install the new NCSA CA certificate (9b95bbf2.0) to continue using MyProxy.

To verify that the new NCSA CA certificate is installed, look for a file named 9b95bbf2.0 in the following directories (if they exist):

  • $HOME/.globus/certificates
  • $GLOBUS_LOCATION/share/certificates
  • /etc/grid-security/certificates

In the unlikely event that the 9b95bbf2.0 file is not installed, it can be downloaded, along with the corresponding 9b95bbf2.signing_policy file, from:

December 12 MyProxy 4.4 was released.
September 2 MyProxy 4.3 was released.
February 14 A MyProxy PHP client is now available.
January 10 MyProxy 4.2 was released.
September 10 MyProxy 4.1 was released with bug fixes.
July 25 A new simple Java MyProxyLogon client is now available.
July 11 MyProxy 4.0 was released, adding new myproxy-server-setup and myproxy-admin-addservice commands. The myproxy-server-setup command automates the common steps in configuring a myproxy-server after installation. The myproxy-admin-addservice command can be used to distribute host and service credentials via MyProxy as documented in Grid Security from Scratch with MyProxy.
June 15 The mailing list was retired and replaced by four new mailing lists:
for announcement of MyProxy releases and other MyProxy news
for discussions pertaining to installation, configuration, administration, usage, and development of services based on MyProxy
for discussions pertaining to the development of MyProxy
for notification of MyProxy CVS commits
Instructions for subscribing/unsubscribing are at
June 12 MyProxy 3.9 was released, with improvements to CA certificate and CRL bootstrapping and VOMS client integration.
April 13 MyProxy 3.8 was released, adding OpenSSL Engine support in the MyProxy CA.
February 23 Globus Toolkit 4.0.4 is released, containing the latest version of MyProxy (v3.7).
February 2 Inca 2.0 is now available, including support for short-term proxy retrieval from a MyProxy server for reporters. Inca is a system that provides user-level monitoring of Grid functionality and performance. It includes mechanisms to schedule the execution of information gathering scripts and to collect, archive, publish, and display data.
Grix, developed by the APACGrid, is an open source Java GUI application for credential management, integrated with OpenCA, VOMRS, and MyProxy. The Grix manual documents the process for requesting/renewing certificates, applying for a VO, and storing credentials in MyProxy.
January 31 Future plans for MyProxy were discussed at an OGF19 Software Forum [ppt]. Thanks to the attendees for their input. If you have suggestions for improvements to MyProxy, please let us know.
December 12 MyProxy 3.7 was released, adding OCSP support and other features.
September 12 There was a session on MyProxy at GridWorld 2006. Slides are available on the talks page.
August 15 Globus Advisories 2006-1 and 2006-2 impact MyProxy. The MyProxy 3.6 release addresses a security vulnerability in how temporary files are handled in myproxy-admin-adduser, announced in Globus Security Advisory 2006-2. That advisory also documents a separate vulnerability in grid-ca-sign, which is used by myproxy-admin-adduser. Additionally, Globus Security Advisory 2006-1 documents a temporary file security vulnerability in grid-proxy-init, which is called by myproxy-init. All MyProxy users are encouraged to apply the relevant Globus Toolkit update packages.
August 10 MyProxy 3.6 was released, including a security fix for myproxy-admin-adduser, support for VOMS authorization, and support for credential renewal via the MyProxy CA.
July 20 A MyProxy JAAS module is now available.
June 14 Jim Basney gave a presentation on "Managing Credentials on the TeraGrid with MyProxy" at TeraGrid '06 in Indianapolis.
May 25 A new page on Web Service Delegation via MyProxy documents how MyProxy can be used to add delegation to a Web Service protocol.
April 19 Globus Toolkit 4.0.2, containing MyProxy 3.5, is now available for download.
March 30 The GlobusWORLD 2006 Call For Participation is now available. Proposals for presentations and sessions are due May 1. I encourage you to attend and present your work at this meeting September 11-15.
March 14 MyProxy 3.5 was released, adding additional customization hooks to the MyProxy CA.
March 2 The March 2006 issue of the Globus Consortium Journal focuses on the topic of grid security and includes an interview with Jim Basney where he discusses MyProxy.
February 14 Von Welch introduced the GridShib CA (based on MyProxy) at GGF16.
February 14 A version 2.0 pre-release of the Inca test harness and reporting framework is now available, adding support for proxy management via MyProxy.
December 19 MyProxy 3.4 was released with bug fixes.
December 2 MyProxy 3.3 was released, adding initial support for Pubcookie authentication, certificate-only authentication, and CA username to DN resolution via LDAP.
November 26 The MyProxy Protocol Specification was published as a Global Grid Forum Experimental Document (GFD-E.54).
November 14-16 MyProxy-related events at SC05 included Daniel Kouril's presentation of A Credential Renewal Service for Long-Running Jobs at Grid 2005 and Jim Basney's presentation 4pm Wednesday in the NCSA booth.
October 18 Secure Sign-on and Credentials-Based Authentication for the LTER Grid
October 11 MyProxy 3.2 was released with bug fixes.
October 3 Jim Basney gave a presentation on "Integrating MyProxy with Site Authentication" at the GGF15 Leveraging Site Infrastructute for Multi-Site Grids workshop. His slides are available online in ppt and pdf format.
September 28 MyProxy 3.0 was released, adding the capability for the myproxy-server to act as a certificate authority.
September 6 Jim Basney gave a presentation about MyProxy for the Cyberinfrastructure Seminar Series. His slides are available online in ppt and pdf format.
July 26 MyProxy provides authentication capabilities for grid projects.
June 8 MyProxy 2.0 was released, adding native PAM support, a myproxy-replicate utility for myproxy-server repository replication, support for managing trusted CA certificates using the myproxy-logon and myproxy-retrieve -T options, and a number of other improvements.
May 3 Globus Toolkit 4.0.0, containing MyProxy 0.6.5, was released.
April 21 PURSe: a Portal-based User Registration Service, combining the Simple CA with MyProxy, was released.
April 8 MyProxy 0.6.5 was released, adding the myproxy-retrieve and myproxy-store commands for storing and retrieving end-entity credentials.
February 9 Jim Basney gave a talk on MyProxy at GlobusWORLD 2005.
January 4 MyProxy 0.6.4 was released, to fix a file permission bug in myproxy-admin-load-credential.
November 22 MyProxy 0.6.3 was released, adding experimental support for Kerberos authentication via SASL, an improved myproxy-test script, and fixed GPT packaging for Globus Toolkit version 3.9.3.
August 17 NCSA joined the Globus Alliance.
June 21 MyProxy 0.6.2 was released, including experimental support for PAM authentication via SASL, as well as fixes for incompatibilities with Globus Toolkit version 2.2.4 and the Java CoG introduced in MyProxy 0.6.1.
May 25 The IBM developerWorks article, Web services for bioinformatics, discusses using MyProxy with an Apache-based grid portal.
April 29 Condor-G 6.7.0 was released, including support for managing credentials with MyProxy.
April 22 Markus Lorch presented a paper on integrating MyProxy with PKCS11 for hardware-secured key storage at CCGrid2004.
March 17 Version 1.0 of the experimental MyProxy OGSA CredentialManager Service was released. This was the First Web Services-Based Implementation of MyProxy.
January 28 MyProxy 0.5.9 was released, containing bug fixes, initial OpenSSL 0.9.7 support, and a new myproxy-admin-change-pass command.
August 25 MyProxy 0.5.7 was released, containing fixes for delegating large credentials and loading encrypted credentails via myproxy-admin-load-credential.
July 31 MyProxy 0.5.6 was released, adding support for Globus Toolkit 3.0 and the new GSI proxy certificate format.
July 22 MyProxy was used in the NEESgrid MOST experiment.
May 30 MyProxy 0.5.5 was released, adding support in myproxy-server.config for enforcing passphrase policies and myproxy-admin-query for locking credentials.
May 2 The new myproxy-admin-adduser command allows administrators to create credentials for users using the Globus Simple CA tools and load them directly into the repository.
April 28 The NSF Middlware Initiative (NMI) issued its third software release, the first NMI release to include MyProxy.
March 10 The new myproxy-admin-load-credential command allows administrators to load users' long-term credentials directly into the repository.
November 15 MyProxy 0.5.0 was released, adding support for Globus Toolkit 2.2.
July 1 The 3 year NSF Middleware Initiative MyProxy Project officially began. This was a collaborative project led by Jim Basney at NCSA and Marty Humphrey at the University of Virginia.
December 4 MyProxy version 0.4.1 was released, adding support for Globus Toolkit 2.0. It also added support for storing multiple credentials per username, storing private keys encrypted with the credential's passphrase (if set), and added the myproxy-change-pass-phrase command. It was also the first version to be released unter the NCSA Open Source license.
November 20 MyProxy version 0.4 was released, adding support for anonymous X.509 client authentication to allow users to retrieve a credential from MyProxy when they don't already have one.
October 5 MyProxy 0.3 was released, adding support for certificate-based authentication in addition to passphrase based authentication, to enable credential renewal. It was developed by Daniel Kouril and Miroslav Ruda for the European DataGrid project.
November 7 A web-based grid portal using MyProxy for authentication debuted at SC2000.
May 31 MyProxy was profiled in NLANR Packets.
April 3 MyProxy version 0.1 was released.

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