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MyProxy and GSISSH Update, OSG Middleware Security Group Meeting, March 2, 2007. [ppt]

MyProxy, OGF19 Software Forum, January 31, 2007. [ppt]

MyProxy and VOMS, EGEE'06, September 27, 2006. [ppt]

GridWorld 2006 (September 12, 2006):

  • MyProxy Introduction and Update [ppt]
  • MyProxy and NVO [ppt]
  • MyProxy and FusionGrid [ppt]
  • MyProxy and EGEE [ppt]

Managing Credentials on the TeraGrid with MyProxy, TeraGrid '06, June 14, 2006. [ppt]

MyProxy: A Multi-Purpose Grid Authentication Service, Workshop on Computational Grids and Applications (WCGA), June 2, 2006. [ppt]

Managing Credentials with MyProxy, SC05, November 12-18, 2005. [ppt] [pdf]

Integrating MyProxy with Site Authentication, Leveraging Site Infrastructure for Multi-Site Grids, GGF15 Workshop, October 3, 2005. [ppt] [pdf]

Using the MyProxy Online Credential Repository, Cyberinfrastructure Seminar Series, September 6, 2005. [ppt] [pdf]

Using the MyProxy Online Credential Repository, GlobusWORLD, February 9, 2005. [ppt] [pdf]

The MyProxy Online Credential Repository, SC04, November 9, 2004. [ppt] [pdf]

Managing Grid Credentials, GRIDS Targeted Communities Workshop, July 1, 2004. [pdf]

An OGSI CredentialManager Service, Workshop on Grid Security Practice and Experience, July 8-9, 2004. [ppt]

MyProxy NMI Integration, NSF SCI Division PI Meeting, February 19, 2004. [ppt] [pdf]

GSI Credential Management with MyProxy, GGF8 Production Grid Management Research Group Workshop, June 26, 2003. [ppt] [pdf]

Integration of the MyProxy Online Credential Repository into the NSF Middleware Initiative Software Infrastructure. NSF Middleware Initiative (NMI): Year Two Principle Investigator Planning Workshop, July 16, 2002. [ppt] [pdf]

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