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  • We plan to remove the DNS entry on December 6, 2016.
  • Prior to the MyProxy v6.0 release in July 2014, the MyProxy Project used the Globus Usage Metrics capability to collect generic statistics about the use of MyProxy software.
  • We collected this information for reporting to funding agencies, to justify continued support for the MyProxy software.
  • The data sent to the MyProxy Project does not contain user-identifying information.
  • By default, the myproxy-server in MyProxy v5.0 through v5.9 will send a UDP packet containing usage information to after serving each request. Since MyProxy v6.0, usage metrics are no longer sent by default.
  • You can opt-out from sending this information.
  • You can configure your own listener to collect statistics on your use of MyProxy software. See the Globus Usage Metrics site for details.

MyProxy clients (myproxy-logon, etc.) do not send any usage statistics. It is only the myproxy-server that collects and sends usage statistics.

What is sent?

The following usage data elements are sent by default:

  • Component identifier (to differentiate MyProxy packets from others)
  • Usage data format identifier (for different MyProxy packet versions)
  • Time stamp
  • Source IP address
  • Source hostname (to differentiate between hosts with identical private IP addresses)
  • Major Version number of MyProxy server (V)
  • Minor Version number of MyProxy server (v)
  • Task Code (t)
  • Task Return Code (r)
  • Requested Lifetime for Credential (l)
  • Actual Lifetime for Credential (L)
  • Informational Bit mask (B) to be interpreted left to right as follows:
    • PAM used
    • SASL used
    • Credential passphrase check used
    • Trusted Retriever (Certificate-based authentication)
    • Certificate Authorization method used (Trusted Renewer)
    • Pubcookie was used
    • Trustroots requested
    • Trustroots delivered

Additionally, a site could choose to report the following data to a local collector. These data are NOT reported by default due to the private nature of these data elements.

  • Client IP address (I)
  • Username (u)
  • User DN (U)


We have made a concerted effort to collect a minimal amount of data for justifying continued support for the MyProxy software. By not opting out, thereby allowing these statistics to be reported back, you are explicitly supporting the further development of MyProxy.

However, you can disable this functionality via any of the following methods:


You can configure where the myproxy-server sends usage statistics and what information it sends via the usage_stats_target option in myproxy-server.config The format for the specification is host:port[!tags][,host:port[!tags]]... where tags is a set of tags each corresponding to the information elements described above that should be reported to the specified host. If no tags are specified or the special string "default" is specified, then the tags VvtrlLB are assumed. The special string "all" denotes all tags.


We welcome your feedback via any of the MyProxy support channels or by directly contacting Jim Basney.

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