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The MyProxy project began at NCSA in 2000 to provide an online credential repository for grid portals and the Globus Toolkit. The first MyProxy releases were developed by Jason Novotny and Von Welch. The project has been funded primarily by the National Science Foundation through NCSA, the National Laboratory for Applied Network Research (NLANR), the NSF Middleware Initiative (NMI), the Strategic Technologies for Cyberinfrastructure Program (STCI), and the TeraGrid. Additional funding has been provided by NASA. The MyProxy project has also benefited greatly from contributions by developers from the European DataGrid, University of Virginia, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and elsewhere. MyProxy has always been an open source project.

Today, MyProxy is distributed via the the Globus Toolkit. MyProxy is used in many large grid projects, including the Computational Chemistry Grid, Earth System Grid, EGEE, FusionGrid, LHC Computing Grid, LIGO, Open Science Grid, TeraGrid, and US NVO.

The MyProxy developers are Bill Baker, Jim Basney, Shiva Shankar Chetan, Patrick Duda, Terry Fleury, Jarek Gawor, Monte Goode, Daniel Kouril, Zhenmin Li, Neill Miller, Alexandre Lossent, Jason Novotny, Miroslav Ruda, Benjamin Temko, Naotaka Yamamoto, Venkat Yekkirala, and Von Welch.

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