GSI-Enabled OpenSSH

With the end-of-support of the Globus Toolkit, GSI-OpenSSH is now maintained by the Grid Community Forum.

GSI-OpenSSH is a modified version of OpenSSH that adds support for GSI authentication and credential forwarding (delegation), providing a single sign-on remote login and file transfer service. The GSI-OpenSSH patch is built on the GSSAPI patch for OpenSSH by Simon Wilkinson, implementing RFC 4462, with GSI support originally added by Von Welch. We submitted a patch for GSI support to the OpenSSH team but it was never merged.


GSI-OpenSSH RPMs are available in EPEL and Fedora and are maintained by the Grid Community Forum:

$ yum search gsi-openssh
============================= Matched: gsi-openssh =============================
gsi-openssh.x86_64 : An implementation of the SSH protocol with GSI authentication
gsi-openssh-clients.x86_64 : SSH client applications with GSI authentication
gsi-openssh-server.x86_64 : SSH server daemon with GSI authentication



Support for the GSI-OpenSSH project was provided by the National Science Foundation through CILogon, NCSA, TeraGrid, and XSEDE.

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