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Grid Status Test is a rewrite of the TeraGrid Status Test, written originally by Jim Basney and Joe Greenseid. It is a perl script that tests the setup and basic functionality of Globus Toolkit 2.x based grid services and has been written so that it can be run "right out of the box." Just download it, make sure you have a valid proxy (grid-proxy-init), and run the script against the host or hosts you want to check grid services on. The script can optionally write results to a web page (sample).

Download Latest Version

Right click here, choose "Save As", and save the script on your system.

Quick Start

  1. Download the script
  2. %: chmod 755 grid-status-test
  3. %: grid-proxy-init
  4. %: ./grid-status-test

For more details, see the How to Run page.

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The two main contributors to the Grid Status Test are: