GlobusWORLD 2004 Security Workshop

Friday January 23rd, 2004

Hosted by the Globus Alliance Security team

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Grid Security: The Globus Perspective Presentation from main GlobusWORLD conference by Frank Siebenlist (Argonne National Laboratory) and Von Welch (NCSA)

Presentations from the GlobusWORLD 2004 Security Workshop:

Advanced GT Security Internals Sam Meder – University of Chicago

This session will discuss details of current GT authentication and message protection internals - e.g., GSI SecureConversation, GSI SecureMessage, JAAS etc. - as well as discussing future plans in these areas (e.g. IDU support, password based authentication).

Grid Authorization Landscape and Futures Von Welch - NCSA, UIUC

Overview and Analysis of Current Grid Authorization (VOMS, CAS, PERMIS, Akenti, etc.) and how they all fit into a architecture. Overview of standards activities related to Grid Security. A discussion of our plans for authorization in the forthcoming year, including a in-depth discussion of restricted proxy certificates, development of an extensible authorization infrastructure, and integration of other existing authorization solutions (e.g. PERMIS, Shiboleth, CAS) with GT3's OGSA-based system.

NERSC and Grid Security Steve Chan – NERSC

KX509, PERMIS and Globus, Using NMI Components in a Grid Application for Campus Andy Adamson – University of Michigan

KAoS Semantic Policy and Domain Services, Enhancing Grid Service Management Matt Johnson – University of West Florida

Cardea  Rebekah Lepro-Metz – NASA AMES

Comparison of different security infrastructure implementations Olle Mulmo - KTH

Is there life after X.509? Frank Siebenlist - Argonne National Laboratory,