GSSAPI Mechglue

The MIT Kerberos software distribution contains a GSSAPI "mechglue" library, contributed by Sun Microsystems, Inc., that provides a virtual layer above multiple GSSAPI implementations, so an application can use the GSSAPI interface to GSSAPI mechanisms implemented in different libraries (for example, GSI and Kerberos).

NCSA distributes a modified version of the library with modifications by Dan Kouril, Doug Engert, and Jim Basney for use with GSI and Kerberos. In particular, the library can be used with NCSA's GSSAPI patch for OpenSSH to support GSI and Kerberos authentication.

The latest version of the library is available here. To build the library, edit the provided Makefile as needed and run 'make'. By default, the Makefile assumes gssapi.h and its dependencies are located in $GLOBUS_LOCATION/include/gcc32. For GT 5.2, the Makefile must be modified to look in both flavored and non-flavored include directories, for example:


Instructions for using the library with NCSA's GSSAPI patch for OpenSSH are available here.