build_gpt - Build GPT Distribution.

SYNOPSIS GetOptions( 'with-perl=s'=> \$perl_location, 'prefix=s'=> \$gpt_location, ``test!'' => \$test, ``boot!'' => \$boot, ``help!'' => \$help, ``man!'' => \$man, ``verbose!'' => \$verbose, ``version!'' => \$version, ``autotools!'' => \$autotools,

build_gpt [ -with-perl=<path> -prefix=<path> -boot -test -autotools -help -man -autotools -version -verbose ]


build_gpt Super script for building the GPT distribution..


-with-perl=PATH: Location of the perl (version >= 5.005) executable.
-prefix: Installation location. Default is the value of $GPT_LOCATION.
-verbose: Print copious build messages for diagnostic purposes.
-boot: Run autools via the packaging_tools/bootstrap script. The flag also install the needed autotools.
-test: Run some Perl module tests after the installation of each module. This will also install GPT.
-autotools: Install various versions of automake, autoconf, and libtool.
-help: Print usage and exit..
-man: Print this page and exit..