Problems with the GPT RPM

The GPT rpm is a convenient way to install GPT without having to deal with the source tarball. However there are some issues that make the rpm less portable than usual. The best solution to these problems is to install GPT from source instead:

Hard Coded Paths

GPT embeds the paths to system executables such as perl and tar in its installed files. These paths may need to be modified. See the settings sections for details.

Perl Version 5.7 to Version 5.8

With release 5.8 Perl has changed the way it identifies linux platforms. This change impacts, among other things, the name of the perl modules directories. Because of this, rpm's built with older versions of Perl will not work with version 5.8.

Binary incompatibilities

GPT comes with it's own copy of the zlib library that is built inside the Compress::Zlib module. This library uses some compiler and/or operating system calls that make it incompatible when switching between Linux versions. The behaviour was noticed when using a Redhat 7.2 rpm on Redhat 8.0. However the specific incompatibility has not been tracked down yet.