Installing the GPT Development Environment.

GPT uses a special set of GNU autotools for package development. Other versions of these tools can be used but the macros and scripts for GPT may not be compatible. In addition, these versions have been tested on numerous Grid platforms. These tools can be found here in the tarball called gnu_autotools_for_gpt-*.tar.gz


This tool provides a friendly format for specifying build targets as well as set methods for building libraries, source distributions etc. GPT provides additional automake-like targets for generating filelists.


This tool is the standard for probing UNIX system eccentricities. The GPT build system is encoded into autoconf macros.


This tool provides a platform independent way to build shared libraries.

To install the autotools simple untar the the tarball into the GPT source directory. IAW the tar command for the gnu tarball needs to be executed in the same directory as the tar command for the GPT tarball. The autotools source will be located in the support subdirectory. Then run the following in the top of the GPT source directory:

      ./build_gpt --autotools

As off version 3.1 GPT installs two versions of the autotools to allow packages to migrate to the latest versions. The original autools are installed in the directory $GPT_LOCATION/oldautotools. The latest version is located in $GPT_LOCATION/newautotools.